Saturday, 26 April 2014

Can't Cook. Will Cook.

Cooking isn't my strong point, but when you make the decision to change your lifestyle for the better, you also make the decision to learn.

For most people the word "healthy" usually conjures up thoughts of tasteless ingredients and minimal portion sizes, but this could not be further from the truth. Healthy food does not have to be boring, and over the past week I have been in the kitchen, experimenting and testing my cooking skills.

Here are some of my guilt-free, healthy, nutritious and easy to make dinner recipes.

Tofu Stir Fry
Ingredients: Tofu, broccoli (part cooked), red pepper, cherry tomatoes, coconut oil, light soy sauce, ginger.

Falafel Wraps
Ingredients: whole meal wraps, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, soya yogurt, fresh lime juice.

Courgette Noodles (Using a mandoline peeler)
Ingredients: 2 x courgettes, chick peas, king prawns, cherry tomatoes, green pesto. 

Egg Muffins x 4 
Ingredients: 2 x eggs, spinach (chopped), mushrooms, almond milk.

Baked Sweet Potato with Parsnip and Carrot Chips
Ingredients: sweet potato, 1 x parsnip, half a carrot, asparagus, red onion, kale, coconut oil, black pepper. 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

It's official! It's happening! My excitement levels are at an all time high. Pictures! We need pictures!? 

Release date November 6th. Start saving! 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Home Sweet Home

A few months ago I moved into my first flat. Initially I was very excited by the idea of having my own place, but one I thing I didn't count on was how much work it would take to achieve my desired, dream apartment.

It's not that I'm fussy, it's just that I have a unique vision which stops me happily walking into a furniture store and buying the same thing as everyone else. I suppose some would say its a hindrance of having such a creative mind, I however, find it nothing but a positive.

My creativity allows me to think (excuse the clique) "out of the box", and therefore the extra time I spend sourcing unique pieces is, for me, nothing but exciting - I'm able to imagine a 'piece of old junk' as an upcycled thing of beauty, and for this I am very thankful.

Here are some of my interior inspirations.

Pink Bedroom by designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz 

When it comes to decorating I like to stick to a very neutral palette; and by this I mean white and grey. However, I'm not someone who can live in a completely stark, minimalist environment and so I add colour with bold accessories. 

Magazine rack by Frederik Roije

Kiss Her by Bianca Hall wall art. My latest purchase.

I will be posting the pictures of my own apartment very soon.