Thursday, 15 August 2013

Kick Off Your Heels

I cannot even begin to express to you how happy I am that the key trend for this coming season is trainers - flat comfortable fabulous trainers. Trainers with skirts, with suits, day or night. This trend is going to have feet across the globe singing in pure unadulterated happiness. However, if you're not quite convinced, here are some of my favourite street style kick combos.

Terry Does Miley

Miley Cyrus is everywhere, and whether you like her or not this doesn't look set to be changing anytime soon.

For her latest venture Miss Cyrus has teamed up with renowned photographer, Terry Richardson, to once again grace us with that infamous uncontrollable tongue of hers. I wonder if it has its own twitter page yet?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Industry Advice

Since starting this blog I've received quite a few messages asking for my advice on how to get started in the industry. The best and most simple advice I can give you is, get an internship and work your ass off!

Not only will an internship give you a preview of what to expect when you graduate (and trust me, it is nowhere near the glamour they make it out to be) it will also test you and give you the opportunity to decide if this is really where you want to take your career.

I've been in the industry for about 8 years now, but before I discovered I wanted to study Journalism I was a Fashion Design Undergrad for 2 years. Deciding to drop out of my degree was a very hard decision, but possibly the best decision I ever made. I've made it a rule of mine to always trust my instinct, never be too shy to ask for help and remember, you can only do your best.

Good Luck to all of you!