Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Living the Good Life


Back in January I wrote a post about how I was planning on living a healthier 2014. Well, it's now 2 months on and I can happily say it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I reached my goal of losing 23lbs and dropping 2 dress sizes in February, and once my diet had ended I was able to maintain my new healthy lifestyle. I cook every meal I eat, I've been learning to bake and I'm excited about my increasing strength and fitness levels in the gym. 

I now want to share what I have learnt. Here's my advice to anyone considering a healthy lifestyle change.

1. Drink 2litres of water a day.

2. Never mistake hunger for thirst, if you're not drinking enough water you will think you're hungry. 

3. Do not cut everything out straight away, do it gradually. If you are looking to lose weight you can start by cutting down your portion sizes and stopping when you are full.

4. Don't drink your calories. I heard about one lady drinking almost 2500 calories in one Saturday night of binge drinking! That's the equivalent of a grown mans daily food intake.

5. Do your research and be aware that during the first week of any new diet you are more than likely to experience headaches and insomnia. (I had both of these) 

6. Drinking water infused with lemon will help protect your immune system, detoxify your body and burn fat. You can also add things like, lime, mint, cucumber and various fruits/frozen fruits. 

7. It won't happen overnight. 

8. You can't out exercise a bad diet. 

9. Do not weigh yourself everyday. And remember, muscle weighs more than fat. 

10. It is a lifestyle choice, not a quick fix. If you're serious about what you want to achieve you will have to change your habits long term.  

11. Do not attempt to exercise without the correct footwear. You may think it's ok to begin with but running in the wrong trainers could cause you a whole bunch of long term knee and back problems. Trust me, I've seen it happen. 

12. If you hate exercise don't panic, it only takes 21 days to become addicted. (Proven fact)

13. Make sure you are eating at least 3 meals a day (I eat 6!) Do not on any circumstances attempt to starve yourself or deprive yourself of food.

14. Always eat breakfast! 

15. Exercise will make you happy and more energetic. (yet again, another proven fact)

16. Know that there is an end in sight, and usually one containing a brighter, fitter, healthier and stronger version of yourself who is in need of an entire new wardrobe. 

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