Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Home Sweet Home

A few months ago I moved into my first flat. Initially I was very excited by the idea of having my own place, but one I thing I didn't count on was how much work it would take to achieve my desired, dream apartment.

It's not that I'm fussy, it's just that I have a unique vision which stops me happily walking into a furniture store and buying the same thing as everyone else. I suppose some would say its a hindrance of having such a creative mind, I however, find it nothing but a positive.

My creativity allows me to think (excuse the clique) "out of the box", and therefore the extra time I spend sourcing unique pieces is, for me, nothing but exciting - I'm able to imagine a 'piece of old junk' as an upcycled thing of beauty, and for this I am very thankful.

Here are some of my interior inspirations.

Pink Bedroom by designer Benjamin Noriega Ortiz 

When it comes to decorating I like to stick to a very neutral palette; and by this I mean white and grey. However, I'm not someone who can live in a completely stark, minimalist environment and so I add colour with bold accessories. 

Magazine rack by Frederik Roije

Kiss Her by Bianca Hall wall art. My latest purchase.

I will be posting the pictures of my own apartment very soon. 

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