Monday, 24 March 2014

A New Direction

My blog posts have been few and far between of late, and for this I apologise. Since I decided to revamp, A Girl Playing Dress Up, last year, I have found myself at a bit of a loss as to which direction to take my blog; now that I'm 28, and my interests and life since I began blogging have somewhat changed.

I first started this blog in January 2010 as a party loving, single, first year fashion student. I now live a completely tee-total life by the seaside and spend my Saturday nights in front of the TV with my boyfriend, drinking tea and riffling through interior design magazines. 

You see, as I've grown older I've learnt what really makes me tick and how I want to live my life - and I want to share this with you in the most honest way possible, but I can only do this by being true to myself and the person I am today. So as of right now, A Girl Playing Dress Up, will no longer just be a fashion blog, it will be a lifestyle blog and feature everything I am passionate about; from interiors, to fitness, to beauty, and yes, my wonderful boyfriend.

To get started here are a few of my most recent Instagram snaps.

New make up haul. My favourite pieces from the high street. I'd been trying to get my hands on the MUA 'Reckless' lip stain for a while and finally found it last week. I will be reviewing these on the blog soon. 

A superfoods delivery from Holland & Barrett. I've learnt a lot about nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle these past few months and cannot wait to try these.

In February I was in and out of hospital with viral meningitis. I spent a total of 16 days flat in a bed wishing I was outside enjoying the sun. I now know how important it is to appreciate the little things.

I discovered a health food shop in my local town called, Grape Vine, a few days ago and was over the moon to find this Raw Virgin Coconut Oil at an affordable price. It usually retails at £17 but I got it on offer for £8. It's multi purpose, for hair, face, body and cooking. I will be sharing my verdict on the blog soon. 

One of my simple healthy dinners. This was all pre prepared as I am still recovering and dealing with extreme tiredness. I want to remain healthy so I am making sure I feed myself all the things I need.

This gift from my boyfriend arrived this morning. I return to the gym next week after what will be 6 weeks out. I'm looking forward to getting my fitness back on track with these perfect pink Nikes.

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